Tom Yorlum is a born-again Wisconsinite who loves to poke fun at life. While some medical professionals like to say “If you’re not breathing, nothing else matters,” Mr. Yorlum prefers to substitute laughing for breathing. And like Julius Caesar, he writes about himself in the third person (at least, in this weird bio he’s currently writing).

He began writing comics in high school in a little Microsoft Word doc that kept growing larger and larger as time went on, but his terrible art skills prevented him from drawing them by hand. 4 years later he found himself a Wacom drawing tablet, and combined with Adobe Illustrator, his comics sprung to life.

He is an avid history buff (yup, that’s where John’s love of history comes from), not a huge fan of math, Cubs fan, and Green Bay Packers fan. Figure that one out. He loves to read and watch TV as well. Check out his blog (see the “Blog” panel above) for reviews on books, TV shows, movies, and just random crap he feels like spewing about.

End 3rd Person.

Okay, so here’s some random facts about me:


  • Hallway 100 Character? Lil Cleo.
  • Hallway 100 Student? Brian. John is in close second.
  • Hallway 100 Teacher? Cleo. Bro is in close second.
  • Hallway 100 Strip? The Grade Calculator one. But I think this one captures the essence of Mt. Caramel.
  • Movie? Gladiator. Ways to Live Forever (if I have the emotional stamina).
  • Movie you could put on repeat? Sandlot. How to Train Your Dragon. Ender’s Game.
  • Book? The Outsiders.