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And you thought your high school was crazy… This comic follows the adventures of the teachers, staff, and students of Mt. Caramel High School as they deal with and insanity and ineptitude at every turn.  Updated Mon-Thurs, it’s hard not to laugh at the wacky happenings of Hallway 100.

Thanks for visiting our About page. To show our appreciation, we’ll let you in a little secret. Some comics have a “bonus panel.” To see it, click on the #hallway100 in the description following the comic. Few bonus panels were made before Nov 3rd, 2014.


Mt. Caramel High School

Mt. Caramel is an everyday Catholic high school found in the fictional town of Caramel, Wisconsin.  The school houses the infamous 100 Hallway, where common sense goes to die.  It’s where nuttiest teachers Mt. Caramel has to offer can be found.  If you have a class in Hallway 100, you’re in for a wild ride.

Contrary to popular belief, the school has no connection with the Carmelite order.  In fact, the school is said to have been founded by a fringe group of Templars who found a mountain of natural caramel.  Presently, however, it is just your average high school, where the teachers and students try to survive as the administration runs the place into the ground.  But no matter how hard they try, they can’t purge the insanity from Hallway 100.

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How to Make a Comic Strip:

Interested in creating your own comics, or just want to know how we did it?  Fair question.  Hallway 100 comics started as fun way to poke fun at school in general, and snowballed into a comic strip.  The dialogue and ideas came naturally… drawing took a bit more work!

This was never intended to be a legit comic strip, or a website for that matter.  But here it is!  A site dedicated to hilarious high school comics.

All drawing is done using a Wacom Bamboo tablet using Adobe Illustrator CS3.  Strips are drawn one box at a time, using perfectly square work area in Illustrator.  This is simply for drawing the content.  Strips are then placed into a template using Adobe InDesign, where dialogue is added.

The domain name was registered using Namecheap, and we use InMotion Web Hosting as our web host.  Both companies are great.  There’s obviously a lot of competition for web hosting out there, but I highly recommend InMotion as they have GREAT customer service, both phone and chat.

The site is formatted in WordPress, with the ComicPress plugin.  Can’t say enough about how much of a lifesaver that is, as none of us our super tech-savvy.  InMotion was really great with getting WordPress up and running as well–very easy to install.

If you are interested in creating your own strip, I suggest taking your time.  Hallway 100 was in development for years.  First we wrote strips just for fun, then years later I started drawing them, and then we built this website here.  Patience has brought amazing characters, hilarious strips, and extremely nice website.  Honestly as long as you have a good quality strip idea, all this is just busy work!

If you have any questions feel free to email 100hallway@gmail.com.  We try to read all emails and we’re happy to give you any advice in starting a website.  We also LOVE feedback (so please utilize the comments section if you have any).  As I’m sure you can understand, we screen for and delete any emails that may contain comic suggestions without reading them.

You may post our comics on your own personal blog or site, but the image must be in its original form with no additions, changes, or editing of any kind whatsoever.  You must also explain that it is from “Hallway 100 Comics” and include the original link to the comic.  No other images may be taken from the site.  If you have any questions please email us.

Hope you enjoy the site!


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