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Lil’ Cleo

About Lil Cleo

The terror of Mt. Caramel, Cleo’s son Caesarion has no mercy on the students unworthy of glory.  In other words, the entire student body.  Incredibly smart and obsessed with ancient history, Lil’ Cleo is well versed in the art of pranking.  No one is quite sure why this grade schooler is sometimes roaming the halls of the high school, or why he thinks gladiator fights are a sport, but one thing is for sure–if you see him, you turn the other way.  Fast.

Also, he’s inherited his mother’s hate for Lucas.  How cute is that?





Lolita the Lunch Lady



Lolita is the wise foreign lunch lady who works as the cafeteria cashier at Mt. Caramel.  While her bluntness and the language barrier cause mix-ups for hungry students, she may be more aware of this than she lets on…  Also, she thinks Lucas is fat.






Coach Fit

About FitSome may call him crazy, others intense, but when it comes down to it, Coach Fit is dedicated to his Football team.  As the head coach of Mt. Caramel High School, he has become a coaching legend… among the small town the school resides in that is.  As the Athletic Director, he ensures the football team gets the funding it deserves, while the other teams must learn how to suck it up.  The man loves his sport, and doesn’t expect more than his players than he would expect from himself… which doesn’t say much because he lives and breathes high school football.  So you know, if you value your well being, don’t skip practice.







About Observer

When your coworkers are huge Fringe-o-philes, it’s hard to avoid this fedora adorned albino man.  A staple of the Fringe universe, the Observer stops by every now and then to tell Bro he’s important… and must die.  Yeah, it’s confusing for us too.