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You can’t get to know Hallway 100 without understand the administration that controls Mt. Caramel High School.  From Sr. Joan’s infuriating policies to Fr. Robert’s oblivious presence, these are the characters that have made Mt. Caramel what it is today.

Sr. Joan Ire

About Sr Joan Assistant Principal of Mt. Caramel, and a thorn in the teachers’ sides.  She may care about the reputation of the school, but she also prides herself in the mistreatment of her employees.  Her extremely efficient policies keep the school up and running, but her irrational decision making has given more than one teacher an ulcer.






Fr. Robert Fryer

About Fr Rob

Believe it or not, he’s the Principal, though it may seem Sr. Joan runs the school.  This is not the case, as Fr. Rob takes his job very seriously.  His laid back and gentle (and possibly forgetful) nature gets the better of him sometimes, especially when Sr. Joan is on one of her crusades.







About Guami

Meet everyone’s favorite desk receptionist—if everyone loved causing harm to themselves.  Guami is a true sadist, and hates everyone, student, teacher, or boss.  Why give someone a direct answer when you can cause them many migraines worth of frustration?  Guami has yet to find a satisfactory answer to this query.







About RizzoDean of Discipline, Rizzo once was a Secret Service Agent as well as a former gang member.  Tough, and slightly sadistic, you don’t mess with this Dean.  She always has two eyes open, and a hand on the nearest torture device.







About Dominicans

While having Dominicans in charge of discipline is not necessarily a bad thing, hiring the few who still follow the medieval policies of the Inquisition probably isn’t the best idea.  But these shrouded figures love their job, and have no problem sending rebellious teens to the stake!  They currently reside in the basement under Hallway 100.