Getting out of school is one thing.  Getting out of work is a whole different story!  #hallway100

This comic more or less sums up Hallway 100 very nicely.  You have normal teenagers (I use normal very liberally) trying to navigate their lives through a ridiculously run school.  How do any of them survive?  And why hasn’t Joey survived yet?  I’ve lost track of how many times he’s been injures.

Can you believe it’s been an entire school year since we launched Hallway 100’s first comic?  It’s been quite an adventure.  We have 151 comics posted on our site!  Crazy!  Think of how much study time you could waste on this site.  It’s been a good time, but we’re prepping to go on our two week summer break.  No worries yet though, we still have one more week!

Prepare yourself for the separation anxiety by pouring through our archive of… what’s that… oh yeah, 151 comics!  Still can’t believe it’s that many.  Until next Tuesday!

PS – Guami drives a purple bug.  Priceless.