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So who are the teachers that teach at Mt. Caramel?  Why don’t normal teachers like Roma quit when they have the chance?  Why hasn’t Bro been fired yet?  No one may ever know, but you can browse the bios below to try and find out.  See both teachers that reside in Hallway 100 and the rest of the school.

Hallway 100

This is the dreaded hallway, where common sense goes to die.  See the teachers that manage to make it every day through this insane place.


About Roma

While once a dedicated teacher, eager to do her best and help students learn, now she could care less.  She does her job and that’s enough.  She’s the most likely to speak out against the stupidity the administration regurgitates upon her, yet the incompetencies of her overlords rarely faze her anymore.  She does take teaching seriously (most of the time), and her mastery of over a dozen foreign languages intimidates her students to no end.

Namesake: Has Romani (gypsie) ancestors.





About Cleo

Your typical conservative, gun toting history buff who takes to her subject with a little too much enthusiasm.  Seriously, she loves history.  Almost as much as she loves painkillers.  She has no problem playing favorites, and students who desire to go into other fields are dead to her, especially the business minded Lucas.  She tends to speak out against the administrations atrocities, much like Roma.  But unfortunately her own craziness (such as her underground bunker under Hallway 100) precludes her from making any real judgments.


Full Name: Claudiopatra

Odd Fact: Believes Cleopatra went by the nickname Claudia



About BroWhen he’s not asleep or watching TV, Bro is… well… actually we don’t know what else he can do.  The goofy but lovable Bro takes pride in his laziness, and is very blunt about the fact that he doesn’t teach.  He takes the art of procrastination almost as seriously as his monastic vows, and that’s his limit to effort.  He’s just there to babysit the students right?  Actually, he’d be a terrible babysitter.  He’s just… there.

Also, he doesn’t seem to understand U.S. smoking laws.  Or he just doesn’t care.





 About Berk

She tries.  A little too hard.  English ain’t the most popular subject in the world, but don’t tell Berk that.  A little oversensitive about the importance of English class, she isn’t afraid to set critical students in their place.  Her obnoxious attitude drives her students and fellow teachers to their wits end.  She also has an insatiable thirst for advancement, but unfortunately, in the real world, an English degree isn’t landing her anywhere near the management position she’s set her sights on.

Urban Dictionary: Berk. Verb. To annoy the hell out of someone by constantly forcing people into arguments they don’t wish to be a part of




About Josef

The eccentric science teacher loves research.  So much that he almost always forgets to let people know when they are in his experiments.  Which makes you wonder—how in the world does his insane lab work get any sort of public funding?






Lil Paulie

About Lil Paulie

A round man with suspiciously mob-like ties, runs the business department at the school.  He’s also in charge of obtaining the cadavers for science class.  No connection.





Beyond the Hallway

The craziness doesn’t stop at Hallway 100.  All the teachers at Mt. Caramel need a reality check.


About Fishsticks

The monotonous history teacher who has a very odd grasp on the history of the world (he thinks the world is flat).  This man proves that wisdom does not always come with age.  He is jealous that Cleo, a younger history teacher, is head of the history department rather than him.




Srs. Shirley and Mary

About Shirley Mary

Shirley is an incredibly optimistic religion teacher, and Mary has taken up the subject of philosophy.  Together, these two elderly nuns spread their joy around Mt. Caramel, and everyone loves them for it.  Besides going on wacky adventures, these two spend time in their apartment watching TV.




Ms. Polly

About Polly

Once a religion teacher, she is now the head of the religion department at Mt. Caramel. She once enjoyed her fulfilling work, but dealing with Bro has exasperated her to no end. She’s also an ex-nun, which everyone seems happy to remind her about.