Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.  #hallway100

Ah… this one makes me nostalgic for hall passes.  Then college came around, and you were like, “wait, I can go anywhere I want, whenever I want… what is this?”  And then a real job came along, and once again you get in trouble for loitering in the halls.  College was a tease!

Guami is literally the most unhelpful high school secretary there is, but that seems to work well for Sr. Joan’s justice system.  Wait until she finds out that the concert tickets she had Guami order were never purchased…

More high school madness appears tomorrow as the students return to Mount Caramel.  Let the hazing begin!

#TBT  Remember when Bro tried to fight fire with fire?  Few at Mt. Caramel High School can forget.  Check it out here:  –>  Mount Caramel Fire <–