The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Unless this new enemy who I’m calling my friend is a legitimate psychopath. On second thought, the enemy of my first enemy is my enemy, and perhaps my enemy should be my friend. #blewyourmind #hallway100

Guami is SMARTER THAN YOU! Seriously, would you ask Vladmir Putin to help you do something? He’ll stab you in the back (no offense Putin, but like seriously, you would). Be smart John. I know this is high school, and it’s your time to be an idiot, but this is truly stupid. Obviously Guami is going to turn on you. If she doesn’t charge you a two grand for the key, there’s something else she’s getting out of it.

Roma finds out tomorrow. Do you think she’ll mind? đŸ˜‰


Pop Quiz: John recovered well from the tornado incident. I expected at least a broken leg.  Also, it seems as if Grace and Brian are having a bad influence on our prized pupil.

Extra Credit: Guami is playing baseball this time. You can tell she has a very intense job as a high school secretary. Something that’s normally in Roma’s classroom is missing. What is it? Seriously, go back to a Roma comic, and compare. Check out all the differences. Then you can see how stupid you are for not remembering. Be aware of your surroundings. It’s important. Wait, this could be a Lumosity game! Can you identify what the high school teenagers trashed in Ms. Roma’s language classroom?


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