Parachute training is only effective with just the right amount of wind. #hallway100


Coach Surge picked an interesting day to start parachute training (for those of you who don’t know, it’s a running drill, not training for paratroopers). Annie and unnamed blond girl are holding up well. John and Lucas are obviously the weakest links on the team. They’re letting the tornado do all the work while the others face the wind head on.

Runners do not fear the weather, especially in high school cross country. Wind? Eh, it’ll tack a minute on. Rain? Send more down, see if I care. A lot of people say running’s boring, so maybe it adds a bit of variety to it. It’s a runner thing, trust me.



PS, notice the change from Tues to Monday? Of course you did, because it’s Monday!  Yup, we’re testing out a new Monday start day format. We’ll see how it holds up. That means no Friday treat, unless we did a M/T/Th/F sort of thing. So many combinations, so many excused to be indecisive. If you have an opinion, sound off. Unless you’re a spammer, than, you know, sound off on whatever you’re spamming about…


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