Football coaches are allowed to say whatever the heck they want. It’s a law older than man itself. Don’t question it. #hallway100

So high school football can get a little harsh at some points, but it’s a part of the experience. If you had a pleasant coach who never got emotional, could you still call it football?  Doubtful.  Regardless, Coach Fit isn’t yelling to prove his worth as a coach, he’s getting back at the infamous Brian, our second-favorite trouble maker at Mt. Caramel High School.  What did Brian do?  Well, to be honest, it’s probably best we don’t know.  See below for some of our more infamous Brian moments.  Check back tomorrow to see what happens.

Closer Look:  Notice Bro trying to stop Polly from confronting Coach Fit?  He knows how to protect the dignity of football.  AND he’s extending effort!


Infamous Brian Moments: