Brian is big on sharing. Like that kid who borrows your book and then lends it out to everyone he knows.  #hallway100

This is why John has to be careful when he gives Brian advice. At least Lucas put up a fight.

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↓ Transcript
{Panel 1}
[John is doing homework at his locker. Lucas is beaten and bruised.]
John: Lucas, what happened?
Lucas: Brian took my math homework.

{Panel 2}
[Brian joins them.]
Brian: Yeah I beat the little math geek up. Thanks for the idea, John!
John: Uh, I said ask, not...

{Panel 3}
[Lucas takes John's homework.]
Lucas: Give me this. He takes my work, I take yours.
John: Dude, no! That's like a C at best!

{Panel 4}
[Lucas storms off.]
Brian: It's okay, you can copy mine.
John: Well, this oddly worked in my favor.