Now you know how Roma got her name. If you didn’t read the about page.  #hallway100

Brian gets right to the point. A valid question by Jesse (and one readers seem to have), so now you don’t have to check out the about page to find out where Roma gets her name! Want to know more about Cleo’s name (but have About Page phobia)? Click here to read the comic where she discussed her name. It was our third comic. We’re so old.

Come back tomorrow to see how English class goes at Mt. Caramel High School.

↓ Transcript
{Panel 1}
[Roma is teaching about infinitives. Jesse has a question.]
Jesse: Why are you named Roma? Is it Spanish?
Roma: It's short for the Romani people.

{Panel 2}
Brian: You're a gypsy?
Roma: I'm not. My mom has Romani blood, but...

{Panel 3}
[Brian is amused.]
Brian: So you're a gypsy?
Roma: No, my ancestors from the 17th century--Fine, I'm a gypsy.