Karma.  #hallway100

This had Guami written all over it. You had to know something was up when the whole school was in costumes. Why would Sr. Joan let a bunch of high school teenagers come to school in costumes? She’s not a woman who thrives on disorder. But Guami does. 😉

Also, Lucas finally got a win. This is a big moment for him.

Fun week to wrap up Halloween and get ready for winter’s arrival. What’s that, oh yes, Winter is Coming. That’s for you, GoT/ASoIaF fans!

We’ll be back next week as ebola hits Mt. Caramel High School. That’s right, ebola arrives in a small suburban town in Wisconsin. Plausibility is not a concern here.

Until then,



↓ Transcript
Hallway 100 Comics
Trick or Treat
November 6th, 2014

Students: Annie, Bobby, Brian, Candi, Grace, Harry, Lucas, Jessy, Joey, John, Robin
Faculty: N/A
Administrators: Sr. Joan, Guami
Misc: N/A
Setting: Mt. Caramel High School (Hallway 100, Front Office)

{Panel 1}
[Students are talking as Sr. Joan's voice comes over the loudspeaker.]
Sr. Joan: Looks like everyone dressed up for Halloween.

{Panel 2}
[Sr. Joan and Guami in the front office]
Sr. Joan: So you're all getting detentions for violating dress code.

{Panel 3}
[Students look up at the loudspeaker, disgruntled]
Annie: But we all got flyers about it!
Grace: This is entrapment.

{Panel 4}
Guami: I may have distributed fake flyers so that this would happen.

{Panel 5}
Guami: Is that entrapment?
Sr. Joan: No, you did a trick instead of a treat. Carry on.
[Sr. Joan walks away, nonplussed.]

{Panel 6}
[Lucas, the only student not wearing a costume, turns to John.]
Lucas: Now who feels like an idiot?