It’s like Moses and the burning bush… except not because worshiping Poseidon is sacrilegious. #hallway100

This comic stems from one of my favorite commercials. Ever seen that Walmart commercial where the couple wants to paint over that Poseidon mural, but it tells them not to. Well, when it says, “Don’t paint me,” I thought it was saying “worship me.”  I quickly learned I was wrong, but I decided the latter result would be hilarious.  Here’s the commercial from Walmart:

I know it’s been a while since our last Hallway 100 comics were published. Unfortunately we went on hiatus last spring, but we are refreshed, back, and ready with new comics for Fall 2014!  As you can tell, Mt. Caramel High School is wasting no time in getting out of control.  Come back tomorrow to see what happens when the staff finds out about the ALS ice bucket challenge.


Pop Quiz:  Remember when Sr. Joan briefs Roma on what happened to her predecessor? That may explain the whole #worshipme thing. Check out that comic here:

Teacher’s Tangent: Sacrilegious is NOT spelled sacreligious… as someone who generally knows how to spell, this throws me for a loop. Why change the e to an i? What about sac warrants the e in religious to become an i. Since when is this a rule of grammar??? Maybe I should start writing it sacreligious, just as I stubbornly abbreviate September as Sept. Weird, I know. #dealwithit squiggly red line!

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