You’ll have more than enough time to finish the exam… #hallway100

I was always in a time crunch to complete high school exams, and a lot of my friends were too.  Not every class, but quite a few were impossible.  I remember one English exam that was 250 questions, in 75 minutes!  That’s like 3 questions a minute, and it’s English, so who cares?  The fact that an English exam was so intense seems so ridiculous now.  (add another to the list of “Reasons I Pick On English Teachers”)

Obviously not all high school teachers are putting the clocks forward like Roma, but I feel like many know their tests are impossible to finish but don’t care.  If I was a teacher and a majority of my class didn’t finish, I’d probably shorten the exam the next year.  Unless you’re taking a “think fast” class, what’s the point?  Since when does intelligence correlate with speed?  And do we really know that teacher’s don’t put the clocks forward when we aren’t looking?

But seriously… how do we know?  😉

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