The Beginning of Everything

by Robyn Schneider


This was a fun read. I enjoyed the idea of a high schooler on the top of the social pyramid suddenly finding himself on the bottom. A unique twist. And it wasn’t about getting back on top. Unique and kept me turning the pages at the beginning. Also the many adventures they had were fun. That silent flash mob sounded awesome and so awkward!

This is like a 3 or 4 star book. I truly enjoyed the characters. They were well developed and easy to get behind. The casual references to so many books, shows, things, didn’t sit well with me. References without explanations rub me the wrong way. Though the subtle Enders Game quote deserves some love ha. The final twist I did not see coming. I liked that. I also liked the message at the end, as I thought it was realistic and honest. The only thing truly stopping me from giving it 4 stars is that the last few chapters were a struggle for me to get through. Idk why exactly, but I didn’t have the same interest as other parts of it. There were points at the end where Ezra just seemed too omniscient or something. Like I was acutely aware that I was reading a book.

But overall, a good read. My pet peeves won’t be others, and I think overall the book was a page turner and quite good. Definitely makes you think at the end. I recommend, I think. I give it a Grade C on my grading scale.

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