For my goal of 14 books, I’m on the move. Have 13 read in ~5 months. That’s more than I’ve ever read in a short period of time, I think. I’m loving every minute of it. Except for the books I haven’t enjoyed as much.

That’s one thing I’m noticing. Now that I’m regularly blogging about these books and setting goals on Goodreads, I find myself not as willing to forego a book. Even now, as I read Feed, part of me is like, hey, I’m 100 pages in, it’s getting just a tad slow, maybe I should read something else. But no, it’s in my blog, I’ve invested time, and now I need to see it through. I like this side of me.

Trouble is a Friend of Mine has become a mighty contender for top book of 2017. None of the others come close. It’s a bit early to make a claim, but I can’t see any book this year topping it. It’s just so one of a kind. Truly hope she comes out of with the final chapter this year.

Still need to finish the final book in the Darkness Cycle trilogy. But then I started reading I Hunt Killers… and well, that go t me off track for a while. But I will have to finish the trilogy. It’s a good series that I owe a completion in the year 2017.

So, 5 more category books to go. 1 more to go to reach the total of 14. And I have…

2017 Running List (in order of read)

* is a five star review

  1. Jedi Academy*
  2. What She Knew
  3. The Beginning of Everything
  4. Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda*
  5. Darkness Brutal
  6. Thirteen Reasons Why
  7. The Future of Us*
  8. Darkness Fair
  9. I Hunt Killers
  10. Year Zero
  11. The Third Secret
  12. Trouble is a Friend of Mine*
  13. Trouble Makes a Comeback