As written, this was originally used for books, but it can be applied to all media I review. I mean, it’s not like “relatable characters” and “good mystery” is solely applicable to print media. Anyway, look through here to see the hallway’s take on rating reviews.

Hallway 100’s Book Review Grading Scale:

A+   |   Top Shelf Status (5+ stars)

This books was beyond amazing. It has earned a place so special in my heart, that it is prominently displayed on a special shelf in my home… or will be when I buy the print edition (yes, I converted to e-reading, thanks to my evil, but easy on the eyes iPad). If you’re looking for a good book to cozy up with, these are the ones I would recommend without any hesitation. Again, my bias, but hey, isn’t that what you’re here for? 😉

A   |   Superb Read (~4.5-5 stars)

Thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was amazing. I would highly recommend. These are the cream of the crop. Thrilling plots, amazing characters, and a book you just can’t put down. Doesn’t get much better than this.

B   |   Good Read (~4-4.5 stars)

While there are some flaws, this was an awesome book, and I would highly recommend it. There’s some things I’d want to discuss afterward, some minor flaws here and there. Obviously something prevented me from placing it in the top tier, but it’s still very, very good. It’s a book I would want to promote, and if you’re considering reading it, I’d say go for it!

B-   |   Above Average (~3-4 stars)

I am satisfied with it. I don’t know if I’d go out of my way to recommend it, but it definitely is worth a shot. This is a book that I’m content that I read, but wish there was something more to it. Something that inspired me more. Maybe I though it would be something more enticing than it actually was. But it was a good book, enough that it is “above average,” and therefore what stopped me from rating at at a B is probably my own bias. Check it out, see what you think! Or maybe sneak a peak at some spoiler free reviews on Goodreads before making a decision.

C   |   Average (~2-3 stars)

I finished it. Something kept me going as I read it. Probably good characters, or possibly a good mystery. However, it doesn’t inspire me. I don’t think I’d recommend it to you, not because it’s bad, just because of my lack of enthusiasm for it. Enjoyable, but possible not worth the time. Does this mean don’t read it? No. I’d just recommend a slew of other books first. Check out Goodreads to see what others say.

D    |   Didn’t like it. (~1 stars)

Did not enjoy it. Just not my thing. But I finished it. And that means something. Probably the least used, if ever used, rating, as I’m pretty picky when picking out a book. And if I don’t like it, I probably won’t finish it. Leading us too…

F     |   Did Not Finish

I don’t officially rate, star-wise, books I do not finish. If I’m not giving it a proper chance, than how can I “officially” rate it one star. F does not mean it’s a bad book, but I will write out what made me lose interest, and why I chose not to finish. Other than that, no judgment can be passed.


Again, these are all my opinions. So take them as you will. We are all biased in our own ways. But if you tend to agree with my tastes, well, then maybe take them with less grains of salt. Unless you like salt, then please, take them with more. 😛