Our take on the Season 3 Premiere…

I normally don’t do weekly reviews of TV shows, but Falling Skies just aired its season premiere, and that’s a show that deserves some recognition.  For those who don’t follow, it’s a show about life after an alien invasion of earth.  And it’s actually very well done.  It has a rich mythology, but it doesn’t focus on scifi—we come back week to week to find out what is happening to our favorite members of the 2nd Mass.

TNT made the wise choice of airing two episodes for the premiere.  There’s a lot going on, and you really need two episodes to get hooked.  I enjoyed these two, and it shows promise for the rest of the season, but I’m still wary.  The mole storyline is interesting, and I have a feeling we’re in for a major twist when we find out who it is.  I’m somewhat annoyed with Manchester’s early death though.  I thought it was a bit premature.  If I was committing treason, I wouldn’t kill the man as soon as he began his investigation.  Doesn’t that raise the stakes of getting caught?  Isn’t someone just going to replace him?  We don’t even know that Manchester would’ve figured it out!  Plus I would’ve loved to just get more time watching him investigate—his character is kind of shady, so watching him dig into a scandal would have been fun.  But instead they killed him off in a cheesy crime show who-done-it sort of way. “Who’s there?  Oh, you?  Oh, you have a gun? What are you doing?  I will conveniently leave out your name so no one knows who you are!”  Just do it off camera, less cheesy.

Anne finally popped out a baby Mason (yeah, as if we don’t have enough of them).  The creepy baby thing is fun, but I hope they don’t overdo it.  I think it’d be cool if one, the Volm are behind it, just doing an experiment for the heck of it.  Maybe to see if they can make an advanced human or something?  Or if Anne is just imagining it.  As long as she doesn’t become Karen’s apprentice, I’m good with it.

Speaking of Karen, I like the Hal storyline.  His paralysis was unexpected, and a good challenge for the character.  I approve.  Oh yeah, and Karen’s an overlord now—WISE move!  She’s definitely been the best baddie so far, and so having her in full control will be a wild ride.

I’m a big fan of Ben’s spikey friend Denny.  Or I guess fan of the idea—neither of them have gotten much screen time.  Last season’s arc about Ben was great, but I was disappointed when they killed off the de-harnessed kids moments after they arrived in the finale.  Seemed like a copout.  I’m happy they brought the idea back, because the idea of two superhumans running around, trying to figure out what their spikes are up to, just sounds fun.  Ben’s one of my favorite characters, so as long as he gets a good storyline, I’m happy.

Speaking of my favorite characters, Maggie once again proves she can be a bad-ass.  Her stuff with Hal was top notch (as is anything Maggie related), but watching her kill all those skitters while sort of freaking out (can’t blame her, I’d have run out of there in a heartbeat) was Maggie at her best.  Please keep her alive.

Tom’s presidency works for me.  Before when everyone respected him it seemed kind of cheesy (in the way of “since he’s the show’s main character, EVERYONE must love him”).  But now that he’s president, it makes sense that everyone in Charleston respects him.  And he’s the man for the job, honestly.  He’s just a good guy, plain and simple.  Also now we don’t have to hear him chide higher authorities. That was getting overdone.

Weaver and Tom are still getting along, and I’m more towards Weaver’s point of view on the new aliens.  Something’s up; I just hope this idea doesn’t get dragged out all season.

Last season upped the action as well as the character development, and the show really found its footing.  I’m not totally convinced this season will top that, but I trust the writers and am willing to give it a chance.

Are there too many things going on?  Heck yeah.  I didn’t even cover half of them!  But was it still a great time?  Heck yeah.  We got to see a lot of returning characters (Jeanie, Porter, Bressler, etc), and you can tell the show isn’t pulling any curveballs or retconning it’s history (yes, I’m looking at you Fringe).  Now we’re caught up, so if it could dial down the intrigue (just slightly) and dial up the suspense (I need that edge of my seat feeling that this show always used to provide), count me in for what looks to be an AMAZING season 3!


That being said, here are some things I hope to see:

  • Tom getting it wrong.  Last season Tom and Weaver had a great relationship, a much needed improvement from season 1 (where the writers forced his character into an unneeded antagonist).  Even so, I cannot think of one moment where Weaver was right and Tom was wrong.  When he does make a mistake, Weaver’s just as complicit. I really just want one scene where Weaver says I told ya so you tenured prick!  Trust me, it wouldn’t sound as offensive if Weaver said it.
  • Lourdes becomes less… Lourdes-ish.  She was a little overly preachy in season 1.  As someone who’s religious, I like the fact that they included a character who hasn’t given up her beliefs, but they really hit it over the head with her.  I’m honestly shocked they didn’t have her handing out Bibles to skitters.  Then in season 2 she suddenly forgot she was uber religious and turned into a pessimist.  Keep her consistent!  I don’t care if it means she finds her true calling as a city planner, just find her shtick and stick with it!
  • Keep Lourdes ridiculous.  I’m a hypocrite; I love making fun of Lourdes.  And if you go back to the early episodes of season 1, so does everyone else.  In fact, they’re kind of brutal.  Case in point: when Jimmy questions whether or not she’s really from Boston.  Like, really?  Because she speaks Spanish she can’t be from Boston?  I mean, everyone hates on Lourdes.  Whenever something goes wrong, even if she’s not involved, we blame Lourdes just for fun.  She’s become the Meg of Falling Skies.  And I love it!
  • The Volm Story Arc explodes early.  If we watch an entire season just to find out in the finale that the Volm are evil, I’m going to be pissed.  Also, giving our guys super weapons takes the fun out of it.  C’mon Falling Skies, you sold out!  Not really, it’s been fun so far, but keep this up and my tune will change.
  • Maggie continues to be BA.  Because she is.  And she always will be.
  • Matt meets an alien.  The Overlords have had their way with the entire Mason family.  Ben was harnessed, Tom got an eye bug (bet you went out and bought contacts after that), and Hal has Karen in his brain.  Oh wait… Matt hasn’t been violated yet.  Seriously, what’s going to happen to him, because it seems like they may have already doing something to the Tom’s newborn daughter.  If I were Matt, I would get the hell away from that messed up family as fast I could, as it seems these invaders have a very specific type.

That’s all I got!


Until then,