Teacher’s Lounge: Issue 6

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Can you believe it’s been an entire school year since we launched Hallway 100’s first comic?  How crazy is that?  Remember Walter the overworked intern (I mean student teacher), and how he mysteriously hasn’t appeared since then?  Well, that’s a story for another day…

The fact that we’ve put up 151 comics since September 2nd amazes me!  There have been a few bumps in the road, but we’ve lived and learned.  The original plan was to update 5 days a week (Mon-Fri).  But that proved to be too much.  The move to Tues-Thurs was a HUGE help.  Taking off only one day a week doesn’t seem like much, but having one additional day to prep for the rest of the week made the process a lot more manageable!

We’ve met quite a few characters over the course of this year.  We’ve seen Roma hate her job, Bro slack off more than his students, and Cleo do all but declare martial law in her class.  Cleo’s son appeared to cause trouble for poor LucasBerk has proved a thorn in the side of pretty much everyone (obnoxious coworkers for the win!), the Dominicans cross the line (there and back again) with their discipline, and an exasperated Polly deals with Bro’s incompetence.  Guami is the receptionist form hell, Sr. Joan knows how to step on her employees nerves, and Lolita the “forgein” lunch lady knows how to speak English.  Oh, and Josef performs illegal experiments on students.  And why aren’t you sending your kids to Mt. Caramel?

It’s been a blast, and the best is yet to come!  We’re taking two weeks off starting June 3rd to recuperate, and we’ll be back on the 17th or 18th with more comics.  For the summer session, we’ll be moving to 3 times a week.  School’s out, so what’s going to happen?  Well, it’s Hallway 100, so something’s always happening, but you can expect:

  • More teacher shenanigans
  • Bro slacking off
  • Summer Sports/Training Camps – get ready to meet Coach Fit!
  • Your favorite teachers at their “summer jobs”

And more, of course!  Summer comics will last for 10 weeks.  After that we’ll take another 2 week break, and the fall semester will begin!  So, now that you know all that useless information, take a risk, and hit that random button up on the menu bar.


Thanks for all your support,