Star Wars Jedi Academy

by Jeffrey Brown



It seems weird that my first book of 2017 was a book that, well, technically isn’t a novel. Not in my mind. It’s more of a short story for kids. I saw this book on Amazon, and it looked so hilarious. It was the first book I read this year, and so while it’s not the the most earth shattering book on the face of the planet, I recommend it. You’ll get a kick out of it if you have any ounce of humor in your bones.

Cute book, fun read. Loved the “rejection letter” at the beginning. Was a great “feel good” easy read for when I was sick. It made me laugh out loud so hard. If you’re familiar with Star Wars and want a good laugh, I recommend. Definitely meant for kids, but there were some bonus inside jokes for adults as well. Brown’s Yoda cracked me up.

To sum it up, definitely a good gift if you have kids into Star Wars. If you’re an adult, obviously you gotta be in the mood for a light, funny read. And you can’t take Star Wars too seriously. I don’t take much very seriously, so you know… 😛

Grade A, but remember, this isn’t a literary masterpiece.

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