Have a great holiday!  New Comics return January 9th!  #hallway100

Check out the archives during the wait 🙂

Here are some fan favorites:

  • Cleo’s full name:  http://hallway100.com/?p=89
  • Guami’s first appearance:  http://hallway100.com/?p=118
  • Cleo’s Exodus Lecture:  http://hallway100.com/?p=156
  • Joan’s anti-drop out plan:  http://hallway100.com/?p=147
  • Cleo’s son gets sick:  http://hallway100.com/?p=162
  • Cleo declare’s war on Roma:  http://hallway100.com/?p=170
  • Bro goes #Brossassin:  http://hallway100.com/?p=186
  • Roma’s Class:  http://hallway100.com/?p=233
  • Bro insults the dead:  http://hallway100.com/?p=192
  • Josef experiments on students:  http://hallway100.com/?p=234
  • Staffsgiving:  http://hallway100.com/?p=230
  • Finals Week:  http://hallway100.com/?p=257
  • Snowball Fight:  http://hallway100.com/?p=258