Oh how the tables have turned. #hallway100

I think this would be an interesting scenario. I’m sure cyberbullying went on at my high school, but I never saw it. We were always warned about it, but it was like the elusive Abra in Pokemon Red (yes, I went there.) So given I don’t know what a typical cyberbully is like, but I can’t see the stereotype my Brian character presents carrying over to a cyberbully. Your traditional give-me-your-lunch-money bullies (which I will say, we did not have any of those, luckily), wouldn’t get into cyberbullying. They live on the thrill of the kill, so to speak. So is it the geeks who are doing the bullying, since they know computers so well?

And how prevalent is cyberbullying today? Because I feel like now it’s turned into internet trolls. And they’re just messed up in the head…

Come back tomorrow for part 2, and you can hear more of my completely non-thrilling, unprofessional insights into cyberbullying. 🙂