Candy is a precious resource! #hallway100

John doesn’t mind sharing his candy, but he doesn’t give handouts.  Now Lucas will have to steal candy from someone else.

Have you ever had costume-anxiety? I know people who have. It doesn’t seem that hard, especially if you read book, watch TV, or you know, interact with society. Ha, but seriously, just pick your favorite thing and go. Or do something really creative like “going as Facebook.” Or get lame and go store bought. I sense that’s what Lucas would do.

First Step For Man: This is the first comic where we see a student’s house. John’s, to be exact. Check out the sweet Gladiator poster on the wall. Hallway 100 students have terrible luck, but good taste.

Thanks for sticking with us over the week-long hiatus. Check back tomorrow to see what Lucas decides to wear to school on Costume Day!