It was funny, not worth it, but still funny… #hallway100

What did we learn today?  Don’t joke around with Polly.  She is no Bro.  And don’t try to take John seriously.

But The Bible is a phenomenal show on the History Channel.  Generally I’m not a believer in ratings, but I have to say, it makes sense.  Yeah, they take some creative liberties here and there, but even so it’s pretty true to the actual Bible, and the acting is better than I would have expected for the History Channel (not a slight at the history channel, I’m just used to interviews and cheesy reenactments).

So now we know what’s been going on in Bro’s class.  Go back to yesterday’s comic to see how Polly reacts to Bro’s teaching style.  And of course, come back tomorrow to see more shenanigans at Mt. Caramel High School!