It’s my birthday! It isn’t, but I won’t complain if you think it is. #hallway100

This is why you have a comic bank. I thought today was Ash Wednesday, but upon teaching my Sunday School class, I realized (a little later than I would’ve liked) that next Wednesday is. So, had to do some last minute changes but I pulled this guy out of the gutter so I wouldn’t have to make anything last minute. This is one I designed for a birthday card, as my other B-day comic was a bit too, well, let’s just say it’s not the best message to send someone on their birthday… and I never got around to posting it. I had forgotten about it, to be honest, and now it finally gets to see the light of day. And now you’re like, TMI, just tell us about the stupid comic!

Bro goes to the wrong house for the surprise party. Not much to say.

Come back tomorrow to see John get possessed. Yes, you heard that right.

Or did you read it right? Did a voice read it aloud in your head? Now you’re wondering… 🙂