Because you can totally skip just one class in high school.  #hallway100

I love this for multiple reasons.  One, I definitely thought this sometimes in high school, and I would’ve gotten the same result.  Two, I think all classes should be modeled around this.  The fact that the teacher explains the material should make you want to go to class.  And if you don’t want to, that should be fine, because the your test grades should reflect that.

Some teachers may argue, “well what if they ace the test?  What does that say about my class?”  Exactly, it says that your class is a waste of time and should be skipped.  I mean, if I can get an A by studying on my own, why make me come to class?  It’s a waste of time.  I’m sorry if it proves that the teacher is effective, but isn’t that a good check on the teacher’s teaching ability?

Of course, the teacher could be excellent but the student who skips is just abnormally smart.  In which case, more power to them.  They deserve the credits because at the end of the day they knew the material, they just didn’t have to try as hard.