They’re about to learn more in 3 weeks than they have all semester.  When is Bro coming back?  #hallway100

Long term subs can be a blessing or a curse in high school.  If you have an insanely tough teacher, then chances are the sub is going to be the best teacher you’ve ever had (in other words no work).  On the other hand, when an easy teacher leaves, chances are you get the sub that takes himself/herself a little too seriously.

We haven’t had much introduction to Polly yet, but she’s the head of the Mt. Caramel Religion Department.  She loves religion, but tends to be irritable most of the time.  Considering she’s Bro’s supervisor, this isn’t too surprising.  We’ll see more of her later this week.

Surprised we launched a new comic on Monday?  Due to Good Friday coming up, we thought it best to move the comics up a day, so we’ll run Mon-Thurs and take Friday off.