Foreign Language Teacher. Once enthusiastic about the chance to mold young minds, she just doesn't give a crap anymore.


Student. The smart but perpetual slacker.


Religion Teacher. This laggard makes his laziest students look studious. On a good day he realizes he teaches religion. On most days, he just naps.


History Teacher. Preaches history with a zealous fervor. While one of the few good teachers, her eccentric nature (and addiction to painkillers) has its downsides for some students (sorry, Lucas).


Student. He tries hard, but luck is not on this kid's side.


Student. The sweet but nerdy overachiever at Mt. Caramel.

Sr. Joan

Assistant Principal. The slightly sadistic overlord of Mt. Caramel's faculty.


Student. This incredibly disaster prone kid is somehow scraping his way through high school in one piece. Or two.


Student. The designated bully of Mt. Caramel High School. He's not a terrible person, he's just a delinquent.


English Teacher. An incapable teacher with an insatiable thirst for advancement. Her pompous nature drives both her students and coworkers to their wits end.


The secretary from hell. And that's a compliment.


Student. He's the normal one. These are the idiots he must put up with every day.


A science teacher in major need in ethics training.

Coach Fit

The die-hard football coach of Mt. Caramel.


Religion Teacher and Chair of the Religion Department. Loves her students, loves teaching religion, but life does not like her. Odd Fact: She does not like crackers

Lil Cleo

The demon spawn of Cleo is half the size but ten times the terror of his mother. Not held by the same professional standards, this little prankster makes life hell for the students.


Disciplinarians. Kicked out of their own order, these radical Dominicans take inspiration from the Spanish Inquisition. Thus trial by fire takes on a very literal meaning.


School Nurse. She makes other medical professionals who got their degrees online look like neurosurgeons. That's not easy.


Student. She works hard and does not take no for an answer. Perhaps one of the few successful students of Mt. Caramel.

Coach Surge

Running Coach. If you're not running, he's not happy.


Roma Family

Happily married with two kids and a sweet mother, Roma has an awesome family to make up for her horrid work life. Except for her sister, who's kind of a....

Lil Paulie

Business Ethics Teacher. His mob connections fit well with his teachings. Don't mess with Lil' Paulie.