I have officially met my GoodReads reading goal for 2017 with the completion of FEED, by Mira Grant. Thank you, Ms. Grant, for getting me passed that hurdle. 🙂

Feed, Feed, Feed, Feed, Feed, feed me them books!

Shoutout to the book that got me over the hurdle. Also, special mention to the book that still has me laughing. Trouble is a Friend of Mine was a thrilling and hilarious ride. This book will most likely be the winner of the 2017 reading year. So good!

14 books in less than five months. That’s a record for me. As avid a reader as I was back in the day… Don’t think I ever read this many in this short of time. 14 was my goal for the YEAR, and I did it in less than half the time. Considering I’ve failed to hit my previous goals for 8-12, that’s kind of epic. Now to move onto the the harder challenge — move outside of my usual reading trends and read some of the below categories.