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Summary: Great plot, phenomenal acting, and very unpredictable. Each episode had several storylines, each very unique and interesting! Easily binge-watchable, highly addictive. And the ending is very satisfying. I want more, but I’m very content. A great overall message to the show as well. A good allegory for prejudice. Highly, highly recommend. Five stars.

Some Heroes have the power to read minds, which sucks, because there’s no way for them to avoid spoilers. You CANNOT read minds, so you CAN avoid spoilers. That’s right. This review may have spoilers (though compared to my others, it doesn’t really have much). You’ve been warned! Read at your own risk!

Yes, I’m publishing this on June 13 for a reason. Seriously. June 13th changed everything.

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Don’t mess with HRG. Or his kids.

I have never seen the original Heroes series. My lil bro came home one day talking about some “save the cheerleader, save the world” crap he’d heard a friend mention at school, and we both made fun of it for five minutes. That was the extent of my exposure to Heroes. But the trailer for this looked good, and I was in need of a new TV show to watch this September… so what the heck.

I loved it. I felt like a kid reading Harry Potter. Watching these characters wake up to their powers gave me an adrenaline rush you don’t see on TV much anymore. The multitude of storylines never bored or confused me, and the pacing was just right to give me tiny clues, but not too much. And when the big reveal did happen… EPIC!

The framing device of Noah losing his memories could get frustrating at times, and I knew there would be no valid explanation for it. It was plot device, and I’d have to accept the stupidity of the reason once it was revealed. Wrong! The explanation made SO much sense, and it blew my mind. I seriously think June 13th Part I is the best hour of TV I’ve ever seen.

One theme I loved was the fear and marginalization of the Evos for being different. Sure, I get that people are afraid of randos with crazy powers, but the extreme, government-sponsored discrimination showed how far “the mob” is willing to take things. The heroes are trying to save the world and Erica is stopping them because, well, she’s a bigot. I think some people can overlook their prejudices in everyday life, and Heroes Reborn is a good allegory that can open their eyes. I almost think it should be required viewing… but I digress…

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Erica Kravid is the epitome of business professional and badass. Apparently not an oxymoron.

Diversity was another big contributor. Some shows shoehorn it in with characters from races A, B, and C. Okay, we got all three? Perfect, quota met. This show didn’t have diversity for “inclusive purposes,” the concept is that Evos are everywhere around the world. It was truly a diverse show. Heroes Reborn didn’t have a diverse cast to win an Emmy, they did it because the story needed it. That’s kind of diversity/casting/story I like to see. Meaningful, purposeful, and not abusive or marginalizing.

Poor Tommy has no idea what he’s in for… but he definitely has the most awesome ability.

Speaking of the cast (and the writing), it was great. The acting was phenomenal. All of the characters were interesting. Tommy’s storyline (and Emily) was probably my favorite, but I love a good coming of age tale. I mean, all he wants to do is live a normal teen life. You’d have to be cold-hearted not to root for the guy. The Noah-Quentin bromance comes in a close second, and may have been first if Noah hadn’t been absent for the end arc there and, well, the whole twist with Quentin after the June 13th episode soured it a bit for me.

Oh, and Hiro Nakamura is officially my favorite character. I want to name my son after him. His first name will be Hiro Nakamura. He will be the master of time and space, and that’s that.

heroes reborn hiro

I am Hiro Nakamura, former master of time and space.

Anywho, the storyline itself was good. It lagged a bit in episodes 10-11, but picked up steam in the last two. I’m starting to notice that trend in 13 episode series. But the climax was phenomenal. The villain was well-developed. And the magic was always there. I recommend it. Now off to watch the original series. Not sure I’ll feel the same, but ya never know! 🙂

Update: Do not watch the original series. Just stick with this and be glad you did. Just… trust me on this one. All that stuff where you’re like “ooh, it’d be cool to see where that character came from” … Yeah, you’re imagination did a much better job than they ever did. Still doesn’t change my opinion of Heroes Reborn. Save the cheerleader’s kids… SAVE THE WORLD!

Best. Show. Ever.