The Flash Season 1 Review

Image result for the flashLoved this season! Loved it! Total awesomeness. 9/10. I’ll be upfront. Oh yeah, and beware of spoilers–cuz they’ll hit you faster than the red streak!

by Tom Yorlum

It's impossible to hate Barry Allen. Geeky runners FTW!

It’s impossible to hate Barry Allen. Geeky runners FTW!

Barry Allen is a much livelier lead than Oliver Queen. He’s not a spoiled prick, he’s not a womanizer, and he’s not going through any emo phase. He’s quirky, nerdy, awkward, and honestly just a genuinely good person. He wants to help people. Yeah he gets overly excited about some things, but as a self-professed nerd, I sympathize. It’s nice to see a more relatable character on TV. I just can’t put myself in Ollie’s shoes. Sorry Arrow. Should’ve killed him off when you had the chance (seriously, how much credit would they get for pulling a Ned Stark???).

So the entire cast is great. I was impressed most by Iris and Joe West. Joe is a great mentor for Barry; a totally believable foster father. Iris is fun, and very smart. Not scientist smart like the Star Labs crew, but clever. She won’t fall for your tricks. Her evening clandestime meetings with the Flash may have been ripped off of Arrow, but it worked much better than Oliver and Laurel. I rooted for them.

One of those good old Joe West looks from the good cop, dad cop.

One of those good old Joe West looks from the good cop, dad cop.

Cisco took some time to rub off on me. So did Caitlin initially, but something about her hair flying by each time the Flash zoomed out humanized her for me. Or maybe I developed a tiny¬†crush. Probably¬†both. Anyway… they really merged well into Barry’s new family. Harrison was a good mentor, and I honestly believed he was a good man, up until his reveal to Cisco. I would have preferred he had actually been Eobard Thane, creating the identity of Wells to hide in society. Killing Wells and assuming his likeness like a Fringe Shapeshifter was odd, and unsettling. I like the actor who plays Wells, so it felt like we were losing him, even though we weren’t. Almost as if Wells was about to take off his mask. Just an unneeded turn.

You have to watch to understand the brilliance of Harrison Wells.

You have to watch to understand the brilliance of Harrison Wells.


But the cases were great, the characters were phenomenal, and I enjoyed spending time with them each week. They’re just such good people. I like this show better than the Arrow, hands down. Better lead, better side characters (though Arrow’s are pretty good too), and fun villains. So, I give thee a 9/10. Though the ending got kinda confusing with all the time travel mumbo jumbo, the finale was excellent, and tear wrenching (I was ready to cry), and I’m looking forward to Season 2.


Also, I heard there was another spin-off coming up. I have to say, isn’t two shows enough? As long as the Flash stays on, that’s all I care about. Team Flash FTW!



Don’t mess with team Flash!

And because I can… here’s Caitlin and her hair. Hey, we all have our weaknesses.