And we’re back!  I’ll admit I was scared for second.  I’ll admit I lost faith, but Falling Skies is back in its usual groove and just as good as last season.  Just took a couple episodes to ramp up!

My main complaint last week was too many storylines.  It’s still juggling quite a few, but they’re all tying together quite nicely, and the “edge of your seat” intensity is finally back.  This is an episode I could rewatch over and over again, just like the entirety of season 2.

Drew Roy did a great job portraying Evil Hal, and now I’m sold on the Karen-bugged-Hal storyline.  It’ll be fun to see what he has in store for the 2nd Mass, and who will catch on to him.  My theory?  Maggie will suspect something’s wrong by next episode.  She almost figured it out today (from what I saw), but relented.  She is the smartest person in the group when it comes to figuring out people’s true motive.  Her intuition is never wrong.  Therefore I don’t think duped Maggie will be a season long schtick.

Creepy alien baby made a return, but it actually came to a head.  We now know for sure that baby Alexis is not 100% human.  But no one is going to find out.  Anne did the first Anne-like move this season–left the 2nd Mas to save her daughter.  She knew the baby would be in trouble if anyone found out.  And even though this baby may be dangerous, it’s still her child, and she’s not going to let anyone take it.  The previous 3 episodes had you think Anne might try to harm Alexis, which just isn’t in her character, at all.  This was a surprising, yet consistent move for Anne, and I’m excited to see how it will all turn out.  Will be seeing Karen next episode?

Goodbye spikes!  At least, that’s what may be happening for the de-harnessed skitter kids.  It was interesting seeing Denny and Ben debate whether or not they’d be better off with their harnesses removed.  Personally, I think it would be hard to go back to being a regular person when you’re super freak.  It’d be like Hussein Bolt running a sprint at my pace.  It’s not something you’d want to deal with.  But then again having glowing spikes in your back that allow you to star in an impromptu alien puppet show aren’t that fun either.  So it was fun debate, and it was capped off with a great scene between Denny and Ben.  It’ll be interesting to see how this unfolds over the season.

Finally, the president is alive and well.  How?  We don’t know, and that doesn’t seem important to anyone, so whatever.  I could totally imagine my congressman leading a rag tag group of resistance fighters.  I mean, better him than a general, right?  He’s run attack ads, so he has to be devious.  Sersiously?  At least Tom Mason fights.  My bitterness aside, I don’t think I can take much more of Cochise being Mr. Politico’s prisoner, though it did work for this episode.  I am hoping the plane crash in the woods sets us up for a race against time to get to the president’s plane, as I’m sure those Espheni death squads are going to be nearby!

Overall, great episode.  Falling Skies as restored my faith, as I knew it would.  I’m pumped for next week, even if they did end the episode with an unneeded “to be continued” tag.  I mean, c’mon, this whole series is to be continued.  C’mon FS, you’re above this.  😛