If he is hiding, Bro’s prepared!  #hallway100

Interestingly enough though, when you research this, the 9th plague was a incredibly significant act when looked at symbolically.  Whether you believe that the Exodus actually happened or not, it is still a very interesting scenario.  You have the chief god of the Egyptians, who is inextricably linked with the sun, being eclipsed.  Moses has essentially shown the Egyptians, “hey, you see that sun god you worship, not so hot now, is he?”  And so you think, why isn’t that the 10th plague?  Isn’t that the apex of plagues?  What could be worse, from a symbolic standpoint?  Well, the pharoah was a living god to the Egyptians, so by the death of the first born, God has not only shown power over the symbolic realm of their religion, but also the physical realm with the death of their future “god-king”.  So yeah, that was your nerdy lesson for the day.  Probably a lot more than you’d ever learn at Mt. Caramel.