You do not question your king.  #hallway100

Brian/King Joffrey does not tolerate any dissent from his subjects. He’s been watching a bit too much Game of Thrones it seems (we know he’s not reading A Song of Ice and Fire, because, it’s Brian).  Even John is drinking the cool-aid. No surprise that Joey is. The kid is as weak minded as he is accident prone. Maybe Annie should have dressed up as a wedding planner (if you haven’t read/watched the book/show, don’t even try to get it). Yes, I know how snobbish that sounds, and I’m okay with it.

As we predicted, costumes and high school teenagers does not mix well. See how it all culminates tomorrow in our last comic of the week! Also, it was election day yesterday. Did your candidates win? Don’t sound off about it in the comments, because we don’t care. (Yea, we went from snobbish to snarky). But seriously, Hallway 100 is a political free hallway, unless Cleo declares martial law or something.

Extra Credit: Brian/Joffrey’s crown took forever. Google it. You’ll see it matches up fairly well. So many dang antlers, but it looks SO cool! Had to draw it.



↓ Transcript
Hallway 100 Comics
King of the Hallway
November 5th, 2014

Students: Annie, Bobby, Brian, Grace, Harry, Jessy, Joey, John, Robin
Faculty: N/A
Administrators: N/A
Misc: N/A
Setting: Mt. Caramel High School (Hallway 100)

{Panel 1}
[Brian, dressed as King Joffrey from HBO's Game of Thrones, is addressing a throng of students.]
Brian: I want her head on a platter!
Annie: Brian, what are you talking about?

{Panel 2}
Brian: I'm King Joffrey, and you will address me with respect, peasant!
[Annie breaks through to the front of the crowd]
Annie: The bully dresses up as a fictional bully. Wow.

{Panel 3}
[Joey drops to his knees to show his fervor for Brian.]
Joey: Roma will not outrun me, my king. You will have her head.
Brian: Good. That'll teach her not to fail me.

{Panel 4}
Annie: Brian, this is a costume. You're not actually king.

{Panel 5}
[Brian is furious.]
Brian: I could have your tongue cut for that! Get her out of my sight!

{Panel 6}
[Annie is dragged out by Joey, and to her surprise, John.]
Annie: John? What are you doing?
John: Shh! The king gets vicious when he's angry.