It was almost as if something kept throwing you off.  #hallway 100

I want to know what John was about to say. History buff problems! Don’t you hate it when instructors do that? It’s like they’re purposefully trying to throw you off track. But it’s never their fault when you screw up. Gotta love high school speeches. They teach you how to speak publicly and deal with frustrating people.

Our favorite high school English teacher returns tomorrow to grade Lucas’ speech. Will Lucas finally catch a break? Will Berk do something that’s not horrible?

↓ Transcript
{Panel 1}
[John gives a speech while Berk and the class watch]
John: Caesar was not merely crossing the Rubicon, he was sending a--
Berk: 2 minute mark!

{Panel 2}
[John is thrown off by the interruption.]
John: Oh... okay... um, back to Caesar--
Berk: 2 minutes, 10 seconds!

{Panel 3}
John: Uh... I...
Berk: 2 minutes, 13 seconds!

{Panel 4}
Berk: 15 seconds!
John: What was I--
[John can't remember what he was talking about.]

{Panel 5}
Berk: FYI, you have 8 minutes, 40 seconds left.

{Panel 6}
[After class, Berk gives John his grade.]
Berk: I have to fail you. You were very incoherent.