Those pesky Irish cultists. #hallway100

Bro’s ineptitude at religious knowledge should surprise no one by now. And I’m with Roma–I wonder how he does know what a heretic is.

Extra Credit: Bro is drinking a shamrock shake. What else? It’s St. Patrick’s Day week!

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↓ Transcript
{Panel 1}
Bro: I didn't realize we had so many heretics at this school.
Roma: I'm surprised you know what a heretic is.

{Panel 2}
Bro: The Irish Catholics are everywhere. We need to get rid of them.
Roma: Bro, they're literally Catholics who are Irish. It's not a cult.

{Panel 3}
Bro: Then why are they trying to get everyone to wear green tomorrow? And add Mc's and O's to their names?

{Panel 4}
Roma: Maybe burning 'em isn't a terrible idea.