Parents are soooo overprotective. #hallway100

So now we know how John’s babysitting escapade turned out. Wonder if he made any money on that transaction?

On a serious note, isn’t it crazy how many kinds of processed food have peanuts in them? Regular M&Ms? Risk of peanuts. Hershey’s Chocolate Bar? Risk of peanuts. Vanilla Ice Cream? Risk of peanuts. WHO ARE THESE DEMONIC PEOPLE PUTTING PEANUTS IN ALL OF THESE FOOD ASSEMBLY LINES? Obviously something makes manufacturers worried enough to add this warning label… Are there food terrorists hiding under pipes, waiting to drop a peanut or two into the pool of chocolate at the factory? I don’t understand!

Full Disclosure: I have no peanut allergy, so I have no reason to be upset about this.

Come back next time to find out what happens when John applies for his next job! :0