This is why you have a team huddle beforehand. #hallway100

Have you ever noticed that the ash-bearers say something different from parish to parish? Does the Pope offer narrow it down to a list of elite eight phrases and say “pick one?” They really need to standardize it. Those poor Eucharistic ministers.

Extra Credit: This is our first time at the chapel, with Fr. Rob!

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↓ Transcript
{Panel 1}
Fr. Rob: Eucharistic Ministers, please come forward to give ashes.

{Panel 2}
John: What do I say? I've never given out ashes before!

{Panel 3}
John: Shouldn't there be an orientation?

{Panel 4}
John: I didn't sign up for ashes. I'm not ready for this!

{Panel 5}
John: Body of Christ?

{Panel 6}
Roma: I don't know you.