Who doesn’t Berk hate?  #hallway100

Have you ever had that annoying coworker who won’t stop bragging about some useless accomplishment?   Or that friend who has no trouble throwing tact to the wind, like Roma?  If so, you have some free entertainment right there.

It always interested me in high school when a teacher went back to school to get a Master’s.  What’s the point?  A higher paycheck.  Don’t get me wrong, I have great respect for many (but not all) of my high school teachers, but why get a Master’s if you have no desire to do something else?  You’re already teaching, if you’re learning topics essential to your job, what were you doing the past decade?  If you’re interested in it, that’s different… it did seem like a useless degree… especially if it’s English.

But then again kudos to hardworking teachers who go back to school in order to better serve their students.  That does happen sometimes, and I think it’s respectable.  Still think it’s funny though…

Next week we learn what Bro’s been up to during Shark Week.  That’s right, it’s shark week this week, in case you hadn’t heard.  And even though they’re playing fake documentaries again, (anyone hear about that ridiculous mermaid one?) it’s still worth checking out.  You still have two days to cram, so get to it!

See you next week!