I think Cersei missed a few.  #hallway100

A Game of Thrones season 5 premiered yesterday. This is eponymous scene from season 1, though FYI, Jorah mutters the phrase “their game of thrones” in the third Daenerys Chapter. Look it up.

Our Song of Ice and Fire (we will call it by the book series name) themed comics will continue this week as the students get all conniving-like at school, and then next Monday we’ll get another comic like today’s. It will be epic. Hallway100.com, your place for hilarious high school comics and funny game of thrones comics. It really doesn’t make much sense, so just go with it.

Extra Credit: Marvel at the detail in the courtyard. Took a lot of work, but I like the way it turned out. The stag tunnel might be my favorite part. A familiar Septa is hanging out on the path in the background.

Teacher’s Tangent: Cersei and Eddard actually met in the godswood, not some patio as they did in the show. But King’s Landing’s godswood is more like a wanna-be godswood, because no weirwood trees will grow there. Mm-hmm, now you’ll never want to read the books. đŸ˜›

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↓ Transcript
{Panel 1}
[John and Lucas watch Game of Thrones on HBO.]
Cersei: When you play the Game of Thrones, you win or die.

{Panel 2}
[Cersei Lannister and Ned Stark talk in the Godswood in King's Landing]
Cersei: Or you live and suffer. Or you grow old and die.

{Panel 3}
Cersei: Or you join the Night's Watch. Or you have an affair.

{Panel 4}
Cersei: Or you take up sobriety. Or...
Ned: Make it stop!

{Panel 5}
[Ned stabs himself in the stomach.]
Cersei: Hey, I'm not finished yet!

{Panel 6}
[Joffrey enters the courtyard to find a dead Ned.]
6- Joff: Mother! He is mine to torment. I AM THE KING!

{Bonus Panel}
Cersei: I'm starting to think you win or die. There's no middle ground.