Welcome to the Teachers Lounge!  Basically a behind the scenes blog about Hallway 100.  I’ll try to update it every weekend, but we’ll see!

Hallway 100 is officially up!  Isn’t it awesome?  I give it out to the IT guys–took me ALL weekend to figure out how to operate this stuff.  So happy I don’t deal with technology for a living.

So get ready to experience the ultimate adventure with Hallway 100!   With this blog it makes sense to only post once a day, that way you can use the little calendar thingy to look for comics.  I originally planned to post 3 yesterday, and only posted one today… so the dates will be off for the first few weeks.  But the good news is Hallway 100 will be posting at least 13 days straight (yes, that means weekends!).  So get pumped, it’s going to be a wild ride!

Next week I’ll talk more about the characters on the site, their origins and what not.  A lot of people have asked me if any of the faculty or students (who will be arriving in the next few weeks) are based of anyone in real life.  The short answer… is no.  None of these characters are based off anyone in real life.  Though obviously some of the ideas come from personal experiences.  But again, more into that next week!

So buckle up, and get ready for this wild ride!  Once we get back on track, Hallway 100 will be posting Mon-Thurs, and sometimes Friday.  And by sometimes I mean almost every Friday.

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And we’re walking!