7 books. Three months down. I’m ramping it up again. And doing a bit of writing, so it’s all going well, actually.

Still not sure what my re-read will be. Ender’s Game is a likely choice. But going down memory lane, I think there’s a lot of good choices.

Another category I added was “save a book from purgatory,” or “Book Purgatory.” This isn’t a religious book, it means that I want to read a book I started, but failed to finish and it suffered in the wings of currently reading limbo. I’m thinking the Murder of Adam and Eve. It was promising, but life got ahead of me. Or NaNoWriMo did, most likely. 🙂

I’m really liking the idea of these categories. It’s getting me to read a variety of books, or at least have more of an open mind when looking at my goodreads emails.

So, 7 more books to go. And I have…